rempis/rosaly duo

dave rempis - reeds
frank rosaly - drums

Saxophonist Dave Rempis and drummer Frank Rosaly have performed and recorded together in countless projects since Rosaly arrived on the Chicago scene in 2001, including the Thread Quintet, the Ingebrigt HÃ¥ker-Flaten Quintet, The Outskirts, and The Rempis Percussion Quartet. Both musicians have established themselves as prominent players in the active milieu of the Chicago jazz scene, and spend as much time on the road in North America and Europe as they do at home. The duo has been active since 2004, and focuses on the process of free-improvisation. Their long-standing musical relationship in so many different contexts provides them the ability to navigate a broad sonic palette, and to continually push each other away from their individual comfort zones. While both musicians are comfortable in the more abstract sonic spaces pioneered by European improvisers, neither one shies away from hard-hitting grooves or melodies. Having allowed this relationship to develop gradually over the years, their first cd was released on 482 Music in the fall of 2009.

here's a preview for our performance on january 5th, 2012 by bill meyer from the chicago reader:
Saxophonist Dave Rempis and drummer Frank Rosaly had already been playing together in various lineups for eight years and collaborating as a total-improv duo for five when they recorded their first album as a two-piece, Cyrillic (482 Music), in 2009. Their time together shows in the session's fluid transitions between propulsive swing and darting explorations of atomized, meterless sound—and since then each man's playing has continued to evolve. Rempis, who switches among alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, has spent more time at the extreme ends of the decibel spectrum, working with electronic noise musicians and delicate chamber groups; perhaps as a result, his command of timbral nuance has never been more exquisite. And Rosaly now plays the whole of his kit—rims, shells, cymbal stands—with as much agile virtuosity as he beats the skins. This gig is their last as a duo before they cut their next album later this month at Strobe Recording in Humboldt Park. —Bill Meyer