fred lonberg-holm's valentine trio

fred lonberg-holm - cello
jason roebke - bass
frank rosaly - drums

the valentine trio was begun as a tribute project to the jazz cello great fred katz.   The first record was titled a valentine for fred katz and featured katz's compositions and others he recorded.  The bassist was jason roebke and the drummer was glenn kotche.  The second record, other valentines covered compositions by a diverse collection of composers including gil scott-heron, syd barrett, jeff tweedy, sun ra, cat power, as well as originals by lonberg-holm and roebke.  frank rosaly replaced kotche, roebke stayed on.  the third and most recent disc, terminal valentine, continues the same line-up and features original compositions by fred lonberg-holm.  The music for this record was conceived of for his quartet terminal four.  after trying the charts with roebke and rosaly, he decided to develop the book with the trio.