mandarin movie

rob mazurek - cornet, electronics
steve swell - trombone
alan licht - guitar
matt lux - electric bass
jason ajemian - double bass
frank rosaly - drums

mandarin movie
draws as much from the musical aspects of his personality as the painterly ones. Mazurek's band mandarin movie, whose name comes from a dream of rooftop flying saucers, creates layer upon layer of sound. some of it is music, some is noise. but of course one man's music is another's... well, you get the picture.
like his recent solo work, mazurek moves away from standard time structures and into openness. together with alan licht (lee ranaldo, william hooker, and christian emarcy), matt lux (Isotope 217), jason ajemian (dragon 1976, triage), frank rosaly (chicago luzern exchange), and trombone genius steve swell, mazurek constructs dense collages of sound.
mandarin movie is a 21st century version of bitches brew, except teo macero has been replaced by half the band members sporting electronic manipulation of their own choosing. add to that guest artist mikael jorgensen's computer and the density increases exponentially.